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Become a valued partner

Become one of Swivel Secure’s valued partners and help your customers implement award winning
authentication that is intelligent, flexible and cost effective for both SMB and Enterprise organisations.

Why become a valued partner

Swivel Secure’s partner programme is designed to reward the most proactive partners.  The partner programme is developed to provide transparency, clarity and fairness encouraging each partner to maximise their opportunities and provide their customers with one of most configurable solutions available.


Swivel Secure’s partner programme is designed to provide partners with the technical resources they require to deliver and configure AuthControl Sentry® to meet their customer’s requirements, in turn increasing their margin potential.  Configuration of AuthControl Sentry® and the delivery of Professional Services means Gold and Platinum Partners can optimise their offering whilst providing a seamless service for their customers.  With different levels available, partners can operate at a level that suits their business needs.  Levels include:

  • Silver,
  • Gold,
  • Platinum.

Flexible and Scalable

Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® authentication platform is ideal for utilisation with other applications to ensure compliance with today’s challenging security requirements. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a secure solution for safeguarding against unauthorised access to networks and applications held on-premise or cloud.
AuthControl Sentry® integrates with hundreds of applications, making it one of the most flexible and scalable multi-factor authentication solutions available.


Intelligent authentication is also cost-effective with both single sign-on (SSO) and risk-based authentication (RBA) included in the price, ensuring organisations can utilise the solution to implement secured authentication without the cost inflating as functionality increases. Our 2A licensing costs are flexible and fair to provide trust, transparency and value for your customers.


PINsafe® is the patented technology behind the widely used PINpad and TURing image authenticators. The PINsafe® technology allows you to protect your applications or remote access servers with multi-factor authentication, without having to use a physical or software-based token.

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Become a valued partner

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