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Advanced remote access technologies and cloud services have transformed working practices. Companies benefit by quicker, more informed, decision making, combined with less downtime. The increased productivity this brings means remote access to some corporate data has fast become the norm. This is not without risk. An equally productive solution must be found to secure access to this data.

Hidden Costs of Multi-factor Authentication…

And how to avoid them…

Free is not always free when it comes to two-factor or multi-factor authentication. The price you pay for your solution is often just one element of the cost. Choosing the wrong solution or poor implementation can raise time/per user costs and eat into your productivity benefits.

A simple and easy authentication process is a key consideration when choosing a solution. Ease of use will be a deciding factor for employees choosing to access applications remotely; a decision with a big impact on remote monitoring of key services such as email and CRM.  This will ultimately impact on your ROI.

Authentication Factors

The Solution

An adaptive multi-factor authentication solution that combines with an easy to use interface so your data is kept secure and your team highly productive.

Location, location, location

Many organisations are reviewing where their data and services should be held; On-Premise, the Cloud, or a hybrid model. Swivel Secure provides the flexibility to allow your business to operate and secure access to your data regardless of location. Driving productivity for both the business and users.  AuthControl Sentry & AuthControl Cloud allow the correct business decision to be made, and then provides the technology to help you implement it safely.

Self-management that will empower your team

Some token based solutions can come with heavy overheads in terms of service management. Our advanced user portal means common account issues such as re-setting PIN’s and passwords or re-syncing tokens are easily addressed. Your users and IT management are empowered to deal with these quickly and efficiently so that users can remain productive and helpdesk costs kept low.

Easily deal with employee migration

Swivel Secure can work with your existing systems, such as Active Directory or a user database. Integrating with your existing on-boarding and off-boarding processes, for creating and deleting accounts. With Swivel Secure as your single point of authentication it is simple to revoke user access across all applications when an employee leaves.

User experience

Our unified approach to authentication and access, simplifies the training and on boarding process. Our portal gives a single point of entry for all services and applications, and the same login screen. No URLs to remember, or different credentials per service.

Remain flexible

Our flexible and adaptive authentication approach is a user empowering model. This means that investing in Swivel Secure's authentication solution will ensure that productivity gains created by mobility are enhanced whilst your data remains secure.

AuthControl Sentry is our highly flexible Authentication engine. It has a range of modern authentication factors for proving on OTC, including our unique image based authentication and One-Touch PUSH where users can authenticate at the click of a button, no codes required.

AuthControl Sentry

Adaptive Authentication, works with a pre-defined set of rules to monitor user behaviour and extra validation is only demanded when risks dictate; data is protected but with no inconvenience to users or your organisation.

Adaptive Authentication

Unified Sign-on, simplifies administration and your users’ lives, we provide a seamless and unified approach to authentication. All users go through a single authentication portal to access all their remote applications.

Unified Sign-On

Our upcoming Single Sign-On product, allows users, once authenticated, to use all remote access services within that session without additional validation.

Single Sign-On

Be more intelligent with your data security

At Swivel Secure we understand that what you need is not yet more security, just a smarter solution.

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