Intelligent Authentication

Superior security, made simple

Strong risk-based authentication allows a nuanced approach to remote access and security. Data is protected but not to the inconvenience of your legitimate users. You can keep your focus exactly where it should be, on your core business.

The Best of Both Worlds...

Balance data security risks with modern work practices

In an age where flexible working and remote access is becoming the norm your data access perimeter extends well beyond your office door. With Cloud services and BYOD policies data can be accessed from, and attacked from, anywhere.

The key challenge for companies is how to keep their data as secure as possible but not add unnecessary barriers for legitimate users or hamper productivity.

The adoption of cloud services has changed the boundaries of the environments you need to secure. Determining where a user is, what device they are using, and what they are trying to access is a crucial part to a modern security policy. Enforcing strict 2FA regardless of location, is not an ideal user experience, and therefore a platform with an Intelligent approach to authentication is key to allowing a scalable Cloud and on-premise environment.

Adaptive Authentication

The Solution

Risk-based, intelligent authentication

It is widely accepted that when you allow remote access to data, you are significantly increasing the risk of unauthorised access to that data. Looking beyond binary authentication to adaptive risk based solutions allows companies to maintain strong data security but not at the expense of usability.

Our Adaptive Authentication solution adapts to the circumstances of the user’s access to a service. We don’t make the rules; you do, so your implementation will be unique to your specific needs and risks.

Metrics to measure risk

Our risk based policy engine allows you to determine what form of authentication is appropriate for any given user. Using a set of rules, and a points system, an enterprise is able to allocate the level of security required on a per user, per application basis.

Manage risk and remain productive

Swivel Secure's intelligent authentication solution combined with our super easy to use interface keeps your data secure and your team efficient.

User portal

By directing access to all your services via our Unified Sign-On portal, we are able to create a low friction access point for all users. Accessing the portal invokes our adaptive technology. The RISK and security assessment of a user, based on the application being accessed, all takes place transparently, behind the scenes.

Policy engine

The adaptive Authentication policy controls allows a specific RISK value to be assigned per application. When a user attempts access, they are challenged to meet that point score. Points are allocated by various elements, including IP address, location, device, day of week and time of day. The challenges range from a low level challenge, user name and password, through to a high level multi-factor challenge.

AuthControl Sentry can work with your existing systems, such as Active Directory or a user database. Integrating with your existing on-boarding and off-boarding processes, for creating and deleting accounts. With Swivel Secure as your single point of authentication it is simple to revoke user access across all applications when an employee leaves.

AuthControl Sentry

With a risk-based policy engine, our award winning adaptive intelligent authentication solution, allow companies to set up dynamic rules so authentication is always appropriate to circumstance of access. Our adaptive platform allows you to deploy a range of authentication methods as and when risks dictate, dependent on both the service to be accessed and the time/location of access.

Adaptive Authentication

Unified Sign-on, simplifies administration and your users’ lives, we provide a seamless and unified approach to authentication. All users go through a single authentication portal to access all their remote applications.

Unified Sign-on

The right balance of security vs. user experience - no compromise needed!

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