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Japanese Market Prepares for Swivel AuthControl Sentry

2FA provider expands global distribution with exclusive partner Security Strings.

June 15, 2017 – Tokyo, Japan – Swivel Secure, makers of the award winning PINsafe technology launch AuthControl Sentry in the Japan market with exclusive distributor Security Strings.

Swivel Secure is an industry leader in authentication solutions. Founded in 2000, Swivel Secure serves thousands of organizations in over 35 countries. With the Headquarters located in the United Kingdom, Swivel Secure’s patented technology secures networks for industries ranging from the military, healthcare, and financial sector to the world’s largest IT manufacturers. Swivel’s Secure’s flagship product continues to expand as an enterprise solution worldwide.

“We are excited Security Strings will be first to the Japanese market with AuthControl Sentry offering our leading authentication solutions to partners and organizations throughout Japan. Security Strings is a strategic partner for Swivel, and is a leader in authentication and security.” said Alex Rocha, Swivel’s International Sales Director.

Swivel’s Secure’s new AuthControl Sentry suite offers comprehensive 2FA, and strong authentication solutions for traditional LAN networks as well as cloud services.

AuthControl Sentry integrates with popular platforms such as Citrix, VMware, and a broad set of remote access gateways. In addition, AuthControl Sentry offers native support for popular cloud applications such as, Office365, and Dropbox.

“I am very pleased with a release of Swivel AuthControl Sentry V 4.0.4 in the Japanese IT market.

We introduced the Swivel Secure Inc’s “Tokenless One-Time Password” solution into the Japanese market for the first time in January 2014.  Approximately 50 or more customers had adopted integration of application such as VPN / VDI / O365 / Windows Login etc. within about three and a half years until today.

“Working style innovation” is increasingly required in Japan to strengthen certifications such as two-factor authentication accompanying remote access from outside office.  I strongly believe that Swivel AuthControl Sentry V4.04 can provide functions that meet the needs of Japanese IT market, and can contribute to improving security measures for Japanese customers.” said Yoshiaki Tsujine, Founder & CEO of Security Strings, Co., Ltd..

“Our partners are committed to adding value for their customers, and Swivel Secure solutions present a great opportunity for them to extend their expertise to address compliance requirements and implement security best practices.” Alex Rocha noted.

Swivel Secure headquartered in the UK hosts offices worldwide  Swivel Secure maintains a global operations center providing technical support for partners and customers 365 days a year.

Alex Rocha added “We are not interested in opening the floodgates for partner recruitment but we have a coverage issue in many regions around the world which we need to address. We are strategically growing our partner program and coupling it with our new demand generation campaigns. We think it is very important to work closely with partners like Security Strings to better serve markets like Japan.”

“Partners want to work with great solutions and they need opportunities to really grow their bottom line. We feel we meet those requirements well and we have structured our partner program to align with them.” Alex Rocha also stated.


To become a partner:

Toll free: 866.963.AUTH (2884)

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