Swivel Secure and Security Strings Host Embassy Event

Posted: December 14th 2017

2FA provider and exclusive partner Security Strings hosts cybersecurity event.

December 1, 2017 – Tokyo, Japan – Swivel Secure, an industry leader in two-factor (2FA) authentication and strategic security partner Security Strings of Tokyo Japan hosted a cybersecurity seminar at the British Embassy in Tokyo for key technology partners, influencers, and customers.

Swivel Secure is an industry leader in authentication solutions. Founded in 2000, Swivel Secure serves thousands of organizations in over 35 countries. With the Headquarters located in the United Kingdom,
Swivel Secure’s patented technology secures networks for industries ranging from the military, healthcare, and financial sector to the world’s largest IT manufacturers. Swivel’s Secure’s flagship product continues to expand as an enterprise solution worldwide.

 “We are very pleased with our recent event in Tokyo. It was a tremendous success, and we see the Japanese market rapidly adopting key security technologies such as Swivel Secure’s AuthControl; they understand the need for security.” said Alex Rocha, Swivel’s Worldwide Sales Director. “Our partner, Security Strings is the reason why this event was a success. They are very well respected and experts in the field.”, Rocha added.

As a U.K. based company, Swivel Secure were supported by the British Embassy, Tokyo who provided attendees a prestigious and safe venue, with state of the art audio and visual equipment. In addition, translation services were provided to help deliver key security information and statistics to attendees. “This is the second year, Swivel Secure and Security Strings held their event, and we hope it will serve to develop new and existing relationships with Japanese partners and customers.” James Carter, a U.K. embassy representative noted.

Swivel’s Secure’s AuthControl™ was a focal point of discussion in addressing the persistent security threats such as password re-use, password theft, weak passwords, ransomware along with a variety of other threats. Attendees were asked to participate in a forum of questions and answers. Speakers and attendees were able to exchange questions and dialogue regarding threats faced in organizations in Japan.

AuthControl Sentry® integrates with popular platforms such as Citrix, VMware, and a broad set of remote access gateways. In addition, AuthControl Sentry® offers native support for popular cloud applications such as salesforce.com, Office365, and Dropbox.

“Swivel Secure is a key partner for us in helping better secure Japanese organizations from cybersecurity threats.”, said Yoshiaki Tsujine, Founder & CEO of Security Strings, Co., Ltd “Companies continue to deploy Swivel Secure as they know the importance of strong authentication is.”, he added.  “These events are a great way for us to better educate the market, and receive direct feedback from our partners, and customers.” Tsujine said.

Security Strings is a leading distributor of security technologies with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

More information can be found: www.securitystrings.com   www.swivelsecure.com