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How to access Salesforce using the One-Time Code

Quickly authenticate access to your Salesforce CRM using the one-time code (OTC)

Authenticate access to Salesforce
using the one-time code

Swivel Secure integrates seamlessly with Salesforce through SAML integration.
This gives your sales team freedom to work wherever they are and access customer
accounts and opportunities without fear of access issues.

Watch the demonstration video below to see how you can authenticate access into Salesforce:





Demonstration video showing PUSH on the mobile app, authenticating access to Office 365.





Demonstration video showing the Swivel Secure’s PINpad®, authenticating access to Windows Credential Provider (WCP).





Demonstration video showing the TURing image, authenticating access to Citrix NetScaler.

Authentication for Salesforce using
the one-time code in the mobile app.

Authenticating into Salesforce couldn’t be easier using the one-time code (OTC). Watch the video to see how authenticating into Salesforce doesn’t have to result in complex steps or tedious navigation to gain access securely. One-time codes can also be sent via SMS or by using the mobile phone authentication app.

Enhanced Security
Users are required to enter a PIN to gain the OTC from the app for heightened security. Where simple workflow dictates otherwise the app can present the OTC ready for use on opening.

Multiple Platform Support
Our mobile app supports all mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Want to know more?
Swivel Secure supports hundreds of hardware and software integrations using authentication protocols such as SAML,
RADIUS, and own custom XML-API. If you’d like to discuss how we integrate with a particular technology using one of
our authentication factors, please contact us.

Contact us for a personal demonstration

If you’d like a personal no-obligation demonstration we’d be happy to help.  Choose from our range of authentication factors and provide your contact details, and we’ll do the rest.

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