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Welcome to the Summer edition of
Swivel Secure’s newsletter

In this summer edition of the newsletter we’d like to share the latest updates from Swivel Secure including our helpful article: The potential hidden costs of deploying multi-factor authentication. You can also read about the details of version 4.1 of AuthControl Sentry® and how our award winning multi-factor authentication solution can help defend financial organisations from cybercrime.

If you have any questions, please speak to your Swivel Secure representative.

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New release of AuthControl Sentry® 4.1

Swivel Secure are excited to announce the release of AuthControl Sentry® 4.1

The continuous improvement of our offering brings a number of enhancements as well as some resolutions. The latest enhancements include:

  • Customisable User Portal – which can now be branded with corporate colours and logos to enhance the interface, providing a seamless experience for all stakeholders utilising the platform.
  • AuthControl Sentry® can now be configured with all authentication factors, including image authenticator PICpad, which can now be used in the Unified Portal with single sign-on (SSO).

Swivel Secure focuses on the continuous improvement for both functionality and security of AuthControl Sentry®, ensuring the multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform stays one-step ahead, protecting your identity and your business with intelligent authentication.

Integrating with Palo Alto

AuthControl Sentry® offers a range of factors to authenticate users and can integrate seamlessly with hundreds of applications, including Palo Alto Networks Firewalls. Whether it’s your employees, customers or suppliers accessing your applications via your Palo Alto appliance, AuthControl Sentry® can provide optimum security without compromising user efficiency.

See below a couple of reasons why you should utilise a combination of Palo Alto Networks and AuthControl Sentry®:

  • AuthControl Sentry® delivers unparalleled security to organisations with patented PINSafe® technology, protecting all applications from unauthorised access.
  • Risk-based authentication (RBA) designed to automatically request the appropriate level of authentication for a range of user scenarios.

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Potential Hidden costs when deploying multi-factor authentication

With a sharp rise in cybercrime it’s a growing concern that irrelevant of size, geography, or industry, your business could be at risk if you have not taken precautionary measures to protect it.

With technology constantly evolving, many organisations are choosing to deploy a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, because of the increased protection it provides the business. For example, if your organisation has data that is perceived as critical, such as intellectual property like patents, protecting access to it with MFA ensures that the users accessing that information are legitimate.

Protecting your business with an authentication solution requires considerable investment. However, ensuring you have full visibility of both the initial and the ongoing costs is paramount. Read our article exploring ALL of the potential cost considerations.

Banking and Finance – The emerging cybersecurity threats you should know about

From commercial and investment banking to accountancy and pensions, Swivel Secure can help banking and financial organisations defend against cyber breaches. With our intelligent multi-factor authentication solution AuthControl Sentry®, which can automatically provide the appropriate level of authentication required, as well as supporting the risk-based requirement of the SCA (strong customer authentication) requirement of PSD2*.

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated, as criminals come up with new ways to breach organisations to steal data or for financial gain. It’s no surprise that Banking and Finance is the most frequently targeted sector, and as such is the victim of ever evolving methods of cyberattacks. Read our infographic to see some of the statistics and the range of cyber threats facing financial institutions around the world.

See our FAQs where we give advice on questions such as;

  • Can AuthControl Sentry® be utilised for employees and customers?
  • How can we handle authentication for different levels of a transaction?
  • Can Swivel Secure provide authentication for jump host or jump server for SWIFT? and many more…
*PSD2 – is a directive for the European Union (EU) and to regulate payment services and payment service providers throughout the EU and European Economic Area (EEA).

Award for Sapphire

We are delighted to announce that Sapphire has been awarded the Swivel Secure Partner of the Quarter 2019.

Established in 1996, Sapphire has a nationwide presence across the UK. They provide dedicated security solutions to thousands of public and private sector clients. Offering an extensive range of services & solutions to meet the security challenges businesses face today.

“Congratulations to our long-standing partner Sapphire! We are proud to award the team at Sapphire, for their commitment to the business, continually demonstrating expertise and for their superior customer support. Well done to all at Sapphire.” Alex Rocha, Swivel Secure Worldwide Sales Director.

New video – Tips for securing your education network

From local schools to world-renowned colleges and universities, cybersecurity should be on the agenda for education organisations of all sizes.

Swivel Secure’s Regional Manager Andrew Donaldson, and CEO Adrian Jones – who discuss how education facilities use their IT systems and networks, look at the common cyber challenges the industry faces, and offer their advice for securing an education network including:

  • Current state of education networks
  • Overcoming challenges: Budget
  • Overcoming challenges: Training Staff
  • Securing the IoT on campus: Students
  • Securing the IoT on campus: Systems
  • Providing effective cybersecurity training

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Don’t forget you can download the datasheet for the free student licenses offer here

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