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Manufacturing Cybersecurity:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Swivel Secure have been supporting manufacturers with their authentication requirements
for more than a decade. From steel production and electronic PCB assembly, to large-scale aerospace
and automotive manufacturers, Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® is a pivotal part of their IT infrastructure,
protecting their applications and data from unauthorized access.

Can Swivel Secure provide authentication for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Yes, Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® can provide authentication for the manufacturer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Whether your organization utilizes SAP or Oracle, AuthControl Sentry can provide multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your ERP system. With an extensive range of authentication factors from image authenticators using the patented PINsafe technology, or a simple one-time code (OTC) using a mobile app, deployment can be implemented ensuring maximum adoption throughout the business.

Can you still support us if we change our architecture?

AuthControl Sentry® is extremely versatile and can continue to provide multi-factor authentication both on-premise and cloud. Supporting SAML, RADIIUS, API and XML protocols means AuthControl Sentry® can integrate with most applications, providing your business with the flexibility it needs to grow and remain secure.

Can we use multi-factor authentication to protect our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database?

When your CRM is run separately from your ERP system, it can sometimes get overlooked. Utilizing multi-factor authentication to protect your CRM is critical when you have a large sales team, accessing customer data using different devices from different locations.

Not only does AuthControl Sentry® protect your CRM from unauthorized access, but it can also deliver a risk-based authentication (RBA) solution, based on what form of authentication is deemed appropriate for any given user, or group of users. Using a set of rules, and a points system, a business is able to allocate the level of security required on a per-user, per-application basis. This can be based on several factors from the device being utilized to gain access, to the time and location of the last successful access.

Can Swivel Secure provide authentication for a Jump Host or Jump Server?

Yes, Swivel Secure recognizes the need to utilize a jump server for manufacturer’s to secure zone or manufacturing execution system (MES) and a demilitarized zone (DMZ). As the access to jump server requires close control, we strongly recommend using multi-factor authentication to ensure access is only permitted to the administrators entitled to manage it.

Using AuthControl Sentry® to secure your jump host allows you to define strict authentication requiring access. This can include multiple factors to allow authentication including tokens and tokenless factors including PINpad® (using PINsafe® patented technology), OneTouch PUSH option using the mobile app and biometrics such as fingerprints.

Can we protect our regular applications such as Office 365?

Yes, whether accessing your regular applications locally, through VPN, or Cloud, AuthControl Sentry® can protect all of your regular applications from unauthorized access including Office 365Salesforce and SAP.

Saving costs and help-desk time, users can benefit from a self-service user portal where they can manage (change or reset) their own PIN, and provision the mobile app to use as an authenticator.

Does AuthControl Sentry provide authentication for PLM systems?

There is a range of product lifecycle management (PLM) systems available, some of which are open source and consist of a configurable authentication mechanism. In this instance, AuthControl Sentry® can usually be integrated into the PLM system to ensure there is no unauthorized access.

Both SAP and Oracle also provide PLM modules and these can be protected by AuthControl Sentry®, with a range of authentication methods. However, if you are using separate CRM, ERP and PLM systems, AuthControl Sentry® provides single sign-on (SSO) functionality, delivering increased efficiency, providing a secure and single source of access.†


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† SSO or single source of access if applicable to all applications that are open source and consist of a configurable authentication mechanism.